Crucial Conversations

Mastering the conversations that really matter can be critical to personal and organizational success. Crucial Conversations™ gives you a roadmap to success for mastering high stakes conversations.

What is a Crucial Conversation and why should I care?

Crucial Conversation™  A discussion between two or more people where (1) stakes are high, (2) opinions vary, (3) emotions run strong.

Approaching a Crucial Conversation the right way can be challenging. Too many times we throw caution to the wind and jump into difficult topics without exploring the best way to get our point across only to end in conflict. 

Mastering the conversations that really matter can be critical to personal and organizational success; because if you don’t talk it out – chances are you’ll act it out. Crucial Conversations™ gives you a roadmap to success for mastering high stakes conversations. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of silence and violence and improve every area of you life today! 

Choice Consulting has changed my life!
Charles V

Director, Mission Funeral Home

Crucial Conversations™

Have you ever struggled with one of these Crucial Conversations™? 

  • Talking to a coworker who behaves offensively.
  • Giving the boss tough feedback about their behavior.
  • Giving an unfavorable performance review.
  • Talking to a team member who isn’t keeping commitments.
  • Talking to a colleague who is hording information or resources.
  • Dealing with the same issue over and over again with no resolution.
  • Dealing with a rebellious teen about inappropriate behavior.
  • Talking to a spouse or family member about unfulfilled expectations.
  • Critiquing a colleague’s work.

Are you feeling stuck?  

Chances are there’s a Crucial Conversation™ that’s keeping you there!

Crucial Conversations™Award winning training helps you get unstuck by introducing you to the core leadership skills for handling high stakes and emotionally risky disagreements.

Learn to achieve both intended results and strengthened relationships:

  • Learn how to avoid, identify and fix problems before they get out of hand.
  • Learn about the three clever stories we tell ourselves to feel good about doing bad.
  • Learn how to speak persuasively not abrasively.
  • Learn how to make it safe to talk just about anything.
  • Learn to understand others, even with they blow up or clam up.

Crucial Confrontations™

Ensure Accountability and Execution
with a Proven Step-by-Step Process

Every team and organization faces disappointments. A coworker misses a deadline, a team sets expectations only to fall far short of the goal, or a direct report just plain behaves badly.

Too often, we rely on one another for results only to let each other down. We make promises and break them-and bad things happen.

Based on more than two decades of research, Crucial Confrontations™ training asserts one thing; if you can replicate the skills of top performers and effectively hold others accountable, your whole world changes (everything from productivity to teamwork to improved relationships).

Crucial Confrontations™ training teaches individuals and teams how to willingly and effectively speak up when others let them down-no matter power, position, or temperament-enhancing accountability, improving performance and ensuring execution each and every time. These skills inevitably produce rapid, sustainable, and wide-reaching changes in the results you care about the most.

Change your world by making Crucial Confrontations™ skills your best practices.

Skills taught in this training deliver significant improvements in areas such as:

  • Productivity – Deal with violations before they escalate into chronic problems
  • Performance – Discuss deviations without generating defensiveness or resentment
  • Change Management – eliminate resistance by replacing fear and uncertainty with genuine motivation
  • Teamwork – Hold everyone accountable to the same standards, replacing jealousy and inequity with justice and unity
  • Quality – Discuss challenges and barriers in a way that yields creative and supported solutions.
  • Relationships – Confront broken promises or violated expectations in a way that solves the problem while strengthening the relationship.
  • Safety – Nurture safe practices by knowing which infractions to confront and how to confront them.
I’m was very impressed with how much valuable information was covered in just a one week program. Not only was the training just as good as that in the corporate world, but also the interaction between the participants was perhaps more open and valuable than any internal corporate course I’ve ever attended.
Gary W. Contreras

Director of Engineering, ARAMARK