Management Training

Our training courses provide the skill sets necessary for maximum results and compliments all other training and improvement processes.

Coaching is for those professionals who take winning seriously and expect the best from themselves and the organization. People are most effective when they are living their vision and experiencing personal growth.

Choice Consulting engages powerful leaders and entrepreneurs to their highest level of productivity. We help individuals discover their passions along with their specific skills and talents in order to enhance their natural ability to influence change throughout their business and organization.

Our programs teach business owners, professionals, and managers how create sustained, lasting, and tangible results.

The tools I learned in the course are yielding positive results, and I recommend the training to everyone.

Brett B.


Executive Leadership Institute

The ELI program is designed to give participants the keys to becoming a great executive. In this week long training you will address the challenges both technical and administrative that all executives and managers face – Effective leadership, communication and conflict resolution.

This highly interactive program will teach you how to think differently about your role in leadership, and how to effectively communicate with your team to produce breakthrough results. Unlike other leadership programs this unique training is specifically designed to unlock the performance of executives – creating a heightened awareness of how to run a team, a company, and mission critical change management initiatives.


  • Gain a foundation of Emotional Intelligence. 
  • Communicate effectively in crucial high stakes conversations.
  • Expand your personal sphere of influence, inspire action, and drive results in your organization.

What’s Covered:

  • A forecast of leadership Culture
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Influencer: The Power to Change Anything -Follow up Coaching 
I’m was very impressed with how much valuable information was covered in just a one week program. Not only was the training just as good as that in the corporate world, but also the interaction between the participants was perhaps more open and valuable than any internal corporate course I’ve ever attended.
Gary C.

Director of Engineering, ARAMARK

Crucial Conversations™ 

Crucial Conversations™ Training infuses fourteen hours of classroom time with more than 60 original video clips of “before and after” situations. Enjoy video-based instruction from the authors of Crucial Conversations™: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High. Engage in extensive in-class practice, group participation, and personal reflection as you explore and master these crucial skills.

Crucial Accountability™ 

A culture with weak accountability is one where those who see problems say nothing because they assume, they don’t have the authority or skills to raise a concern. Our research shows when people see accountability as “someone else’s job” they waste time, resources, and morale—specifically, employees waste $7,500 and an eight-hour workday for every accountability discussion they avoid.  These costs skyrocket when you consider that 95% of a company’s workforce struggles to hold their colleagues accountable. 

This two-day course teaches a straightforward, step-by-step process for identifying and resolving performance gaps, strengthening accountability, eliminating inconsistency, and reducing resentment. It uses video, group discussions, skill practice, and real-life application to make the course both entertaining and engaging.


The truth is, we all need to be better influencers. Hardly a day passes that we don’t try to influence ourselves or others to do something different. We do our best to motivate employees to demonstrate more concern for profitability. We struggle to enable our teams to complete projects on time and on budget. In summary, we continually work on ways to exert our influence, but we regularly fall short.

In fact, in spite of the fact that we’re routinely trying to help ourselves and others alter behavior, few of us can articulate a model of what it takes to do so. It’s time this changed. By drawing from the skills of many of the world’s best change agents and combining them with five decades of social-science research, Influencer™ Training creates a powerful and portable model for changing behaviors.

Influencer™ Training is a two-day leadership course that uses a combination of live training, compelling videos, and useful tools. Engage in extensive in-class practice, group participation, and personal planning as you learn and develop the strategies for resolving tough issues.

Getting Things Done™

Research shows that mental clutter, or information overload, has significant negative effects on our productivity, relationships, happiness, and overall quality of life. It’s the stuff that keeps us up at night, reduces our focus on what is important, and prohibits us from getting things done.

Getting Things Done™ (GTD) Training is a one-day course that teaches individuals the skills to focus their attention on things that matter most, prioritize commitments, increase personal productivity, and create more mental space for innovation at work and at home.

The Power of Habit™

Small, daily habits are unparalleled predictors of long-term outcomes.  What we do today determines what we achieve tomorrow. This is true for individuals and organizations.  Yet people often find themselves at the mercy of habit, stuck in routines that yield unwanted results. What might they achieve if instead they were the master of their habits?

Based on the New York Times bestseller by Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit™ Training teaches skills to identify and create the habits needed for success within your organization. The course draws on the science of habit formation to help learners recognize when they need to change, what behaviors they ought to change, and how to make desired behaviors stick.